A brief description of each of the classes we offer. Please contact us at trainers@fortdogcentre.com for more information or to register.

Perfect Puppy

A fully positive, off leash class that focuses on socialization as much as introducing obedience.

Reactive Rover

A small group class designed to get a reactive dog comfortable around other dogs at various energy levels.

Adolescent Obedience

A fully positive, on leash class designed as a transition from puppy class into formal training.

Beginner Tricks

An introductory class designed to teach the basic fundamentals required to teach a dog to think outside the box and offer behaviours.

Pack Walks

A weekly hour and a half walk off-site with a group of other people and their dogs.

Fundamentals Obedience

Our official adult obedience class designed to teach standard obedience commands, and add speed and finesse to them.

Ongoing Tricks

A group class designed to build commitment to working with your dog in a fun way that builds behaviours and obedience outside of the standard commands.