Do you learn better one-on-one, enjoy more personalized service or need rehabilitation?

Fort Dog Centre offers private coaching sessions for you, your family and your pup right in your own home. We also offer private training sessions where we pick up your dog and do all of the training for you based on your requests or remote coaching sessions through a telephone conversation or video conference.

All of our private sessions are ideal for anyone in need of personalized lesson plans, focused attention and quick results. Information regarding the initial private session can be found here or scroll or click below to view complete descriptions of our private session options.

Private Coaching (with owner present)

We refer to this as coaching rather than training because we are really working to help coach you and your family on the best way to train your dog. During our one-on-one private coaching session, we will work with you to establish a set of goals and will then devise a strategy to meet or exceed those goals. Our time can be spent correcting behaviours, teaching manners, stopping barking, teaching tricks or doing whatever else is needed to help you reach your objectives.

Private Training (without owner present)

After discussing your goals with you, we will work alone with your dog to train, modify or resolve the behaviour or obedience objectives that you have set. At the end of each session we will provide a summary of our work and our suggestions for moving forward. As we accomplish each goal we will work with the family to coach them on what is needed for the dog’s continued success. This is ideal for those with less time or less experience working with dogs. You get to skip over the learning curve and move straight into the relationship aspect. You are always welcome to watch and learn during the sessions and turn any session into a coaching session at any time.