This board-and-train boot camp option is ideal for anyone looking for a more highly trained dog or to more quickly address behaviour issues. It is also an ideal fit for anyone going on vacation, busy with work, moving to a new home or needing some time to relax.


You get the most for your money with these programs. These board-and-train “boot camp” programs include obedience work, behaviour work, socialization, exercise, and continuous work with basic manners at our training centre and daycare facility.

As with all of our programs, our intention here is to give you a great starting point so that we can be your support system moving forward to see long lasting results. Our goal is to allow you to relax while we expedite the learning curve so that you can jump right into re-establishing a great relationship at home.


We offer 3 different programs that can each be customized in various ways with all training strategies being unique to each individual dog. The costs for the program include all training as well as all boarding costs, daycare and socialization, exercise, behaviour modification, etc.

All programs begin with a comprehensive dog profile which is then used to create a specialized training strategy. The training methods and behaviour modification techniques are tailored specifically to your comfort level and to the goals of each dog; for example, high drive dogs are trained through play and drive to give you increased control and low confidence dogs are trained using confidence building exercises.

Ideal For

  • General obedience
  • Nervousness / timid
  • Aggressive / reactive
  • Rescue dogs
  • Puppy basics / training
  • Behaviour modification
  • Incident rehabilitation
  • Excessive barking
  • Confidence building
  • Proper socialization / under socialized
  • Preparation for security / working
  • A great option to regular boarding
  • Frustrated owners, busy owners or any owner looking for the best results fast!

Always Included

  • Comprehensive online intake profile to determine training methods and goals
  • Customized training methods and strategies for each individual dog
  • Ongoing support for the life of your dog with our training staff
  • Increased attention throughout each day to ensure proper behaviours, manners, affection levels, communication, etc.
  • Additional attention/support from daycare staff to help with hand feeding, anxieties/excitement, kennel training, etc.
  • Playtime and socialization with dogs and humans with a focus on proper socialization skills (*actual dog-dog interaction levels always depend on temperament, breed and muzzle use where needed)
  • Overnight boarding with a daycare environment each day
  • Photos and Videos of the socialization/play sessions where possible – so you don’t miss them too much
  • Any fees for late pickups
  • Any fees for unaltered dogs over 1 year of age


Each program we offer is a little different but the end goal is typically the same – a rehabilitated or trained dog. We focus on ensuring that every part of their life is governed by dog behaviour best practices and we send all dogs home with ongoing support from our training staff.

Gold Package

This Gold level program is is our most comprehensive of the group and can be customized to meet your needs.  After completing the online profile form, the training strategy is customized to suit the needs of any dog. This program will generally always include the following dog obedience and behaviour topics (unless otherwise specifically requested):

  • Behaviour: loose leash walking, muzzle introduction, proper socialization, no jumping, no pulling and proper door manners
  • Obedience: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Come-Around or Continental Finish, Leave-It

The gold level program is designed for long term results and has the highest level of owner involvement. Each of the following are included:

  • Intake interview and program customization
  • 3 Private Coaching sessions during the program
  • Up to 2 Private Coaching sessions within the 4 weeks following the completion of the program
  • A demonstration and strategy discussion at the completion of the program (generally on pick-up)
  • One-on-one training sessions with experienced trainers
  • Hand feeding and resource guarding exercises
  • A detailed training journal
  • A detailed behaviour document (observations, recommendations, reference material and any other notes)
  • 2 admissions to our next behaviour or obedience seminar
  • Outdoor exercise (off-site walks where possible)

Owners are encouraged to stay in communication after the completion of this program to see long lasting results. This program is ideal for dogs aged 6+ months who need a little more attention.

Silver Package

The Silver level program is a 3 week obedience board-and-train program that is designed to cover basic obedience commands and basic behaviour requests. Topics covered are:

  • Obedience: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Continental Finish, Leave-It
  • Behaviour: loose leash walking, no jumping, no pulling, proper door manners

The extensive online dog profile will be used to determine the training strategies and methods which will be customized for each dog. This package includes:

  • 1 Private Coaching session during the program
  • 1 Private Coaching session within the 2 weeks following the completion of the program
  • One-on-one training sessions with experienced trainers
  • Hand feeding and resource guarding exercises
  • A detailed training journal
  • A demonstration on pickup

This program is ideal for dogs aged 6+ months of age with little-to-none behaviour concerns.

Standard Package

This package can be purchased in daily or weekly increments and is designed to help with 1-2 individual commands, to maintain previous training or to give mental stimulation to any boarding stay.  This package includes up to 6 one-on-one individualized training sessions each week to work towards your requested goals; however, no documentation is provided unless this is an extension of a Gold or Silver package.

This program is ideal for dogs of all ages but results will reflect the overall goals, length of the program and the dog’s age.

Optional Upgrades

We also have several add-on or upgrade items that you can choose to add at any time:

  • Additional weekly coaching sessions to get you involved during their stay
  • Training video sessions – for future reference and updates
  • Increased documentation where it is not generally included
  • Follow up Private Coaching to ensure long term success
  • Admissions to seminars before, during or after your program dates

Final Notes

Please keep in mind the following points when booking:

  • These programs typically books 3-6 weeks in advance and has a low maximum number of dogs at any one time and are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis based on the date of a non-refundable deposit to hold your spot
  • We strongly encourage you to visit in advance and ask questions to ensure you are comfortable with your chosen program
  • When used for rehabilitation, these types of behaviour programs should always be seen as a starting point and not an ending point so our goal is to be there moving forward for whatever is needed along the way. Changes will likely be needed at home in order to see continued success with any rehabilitation program and we are here to support you as you move forward.

Space is limited for each of these programs, please contact us for more information or to register.